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Lebanese Heritage magazine, ensures a reliable, easy, and regular access to the American-Lebanese Community, a considerably prominent and well established segment of the American Society.

An easy, accessible advertising channel for a Unique Community. Lebanese Heritage magazine is the first and only English Lebanese magazine published and distributed bi-monthly in the U.S. dedicated only to the American-Lebanese community and persons with a Lebanese descent.

A sizeable number of businesses, American-Lebanese and others, rely on Lebanese Heritage magazine to reach this unique untapped community with their advertising messages.

Quality Publication: 8.5x11, 4-color process with high gloss print over #80 paper, specially designed and artificially laid to bring a richness and high quality exposure to your company’s name.

Lebanese Heritage magazine and its website are the most effective way to promote your name, business, products, events or services to this growing and well-established market: The American-Lebanese Community.

Readership: Lebanese Heritage has readership of over 10,000 readers each month.

Geographic coverage: Lebanese Heritage is mailed directly to people with a Lebanese descent in major markets throughout Georgia, Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee, Washington D.C., Texas, California, New York and other major States.

Our audience is a well established, growing ethnic group: The American-Lebanese community represents a considerable market notably untapped for years within the American business community.

According to a recent U.S. census, there are 440,279 Lebanese who currently are residing within the United States. This does not include the majority of our readership which are second and third generation.

American-Lebanese incomes are in the top 22% income bracket, above U.S. national average. This market has a high level of spending and is a strong potential source of revenue.

About 90% of American-Lebanese live in urban areas.

Lebanese Heritage magazine targets and creates information links between all segments of the American-Lebanese population across their cultural, educational level, professional activities, interests and geographic distribution within America.

Quality Magazine: Lebanese Heritage magazine is solely dedicated to the American-Lebanese and people with interest of the Lebanese Heritage. It is distributed via direct mail throughout the United States, providing its readers with coverage of the American-Lebanese community issues, arts and lifestyle. It features insightful news and thoughtful commentaries. As well as, research, cultural heritage and community events. Published according to the highest professional standards and continuously seeking betterment.

Fair rates: Considering its large readership, broad geographic distribution, and unique catering, Lebanese Heritage advertising rates are considerably lower than those charged by your local neighborhood publications (please refer to our rate card enclosed in this package).

Qualified Human Resources: Lebanese Heritage magazine has both the resources and skilled personnel to help you promote and market your products and services to this unique market.

The advertising department at Lebanese Heritage magazine is familiar with the community, its cultural habits, consumer behavior and other factors relevant to effective marketing and advertising. The publication has a professional team of graphic artists always ready to provide attractive ad layouts, customized artwork, as well as ad concepts, translation and typesetting.

Lebanese Heritage has contributing experts in many fields (medicine, computer technology, design and architect) with articles regarding such throughout various issues.


Pages are in Full Color


12 Issues*

6 Issues*

1 Issue*

*Business Card




*Eighth Page




*Quarter Page




*Half Page




*Full Page




*Back Page (Inside Cover)




*Inside Second or Inside Third Page




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* Prices are per issue, and does not include art work.
Prices subject to change without prior notice.

  • Art Design $50 hr.
  • Terms for advertising are for consecutive issues
  • Special discount for Non-Profit organizations.
  • The Lebanese Heritage Magazine reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertisement that does not meet the standards or the qualities of contents of its readers.
  • All Advertisements are subject to approval.





















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